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Our Process

Let’s face it...planning for the future can be daunting process. Our primary interest is helping our clients meet their goals and plan for life's expected and unexpected events. Our process walks you through a well-planned series of meetings where we will explore and discover what is important to your financial wellbeing. Then, we help educate our clients on the right solutions that balance their situation now and in the future.

At Centra Financial Group, our financial professionals follow a clearly defined planning process to help you achieve your goals. Each step of the way, you will know where they stand, where you want to go and how Centra will help you get there.

Our Process

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  • Step 1: Explore. Gather data on current situation. Identify and discuss goals and issues.
  • Step 2: Discover. Select goals and review possible solutions. Assess risk and comfort levels.
  • Step 3: Design. Develop and present a comprehensive plan designed to achieve objectives.
  • Step 4: Implement. Implement the plan and coordinate work of your other trusted advisors.
  • Step 5: Monitor. Review plan regularly and repeat steps 1-4 as necessary.

Throughout this process, we will take into account tax savings strategies and market conditions, and periodically monitor and reassess your plan to help you stay on track.