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Steve Smith *

Steve joins our team as a member of the Champlin and Associates team with a focus on case design. He has previous management and development experience. Steve’s analytical style and strategic thinking skills will be an asset to the team for long term planning and potentially better use of existing resources. Using his management experience as a foundation, Steve enjoys leading others to a common goal. He is passionate about rooting out the cause of a problem and applying a solution. Steve also joins our team with experience as a financial advisor. He believes the best way to help you reach your financial goals is to work with you to develop a sound, comprehensive, financial strategy. He works with our clients to help them develop a path to financial sustainability, which begins by determining what strategies should be explored and why.

Like each member of our team, Steve’s story is also a unique one. He moved to the Rochester area from California with his wife, Laura, daughter Madilyn, and son Gabriel. Their family moved to Rochester so that their daughter, Madilyn, could attend the Rochester School for the Deaf and RIT/NTID. Their move has founded an incredible journey, which includes his wife, Laura, reaching her goal of becoming an award winning Labor and Delivery Nurse at Highland Hospital. Gabe attends McQuaid Jesuit and some family members have made the move to Rochester as well. Additionally, Steve is an avid motorcyclist, classic car enthusiast, and board member of Irondequoit Little League and McQuaid Crew team. He can be found helping at the local baseball fields or cooking at the team regattas.