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Our Approach

At Centra Financial Group, our planning process helps clients clarify their goals. With your goals in mind, we then develop and coordinate a plan that works toward achieving and sustaining your desired lifestyle across the years.

The Balancing Act

Through a balanced approach to savings, asset management, debt management and cash flow management, we can help our clients plan for a future they desire. We then take a leadership role in helping our clients put their plan into action by working with their trusted advisors, such as an attorney and accountant. We will monitor and revise your plan periodically as economic conditions, tax laws and/or your financial situation, family and objectives change.

Design-Team Style

Our clients benefit also from our design-team approach. This approach allows our financial professionals to access a team of multi-disciplinary advisors and professionals that bring additional knowledge and experience to the table. With this approach, we can ensure that we develop the most well-thought-out, integrated and proactive plan.