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Our Philosophy

Client Centered

We manage family wealth for generations by first educating our clients and then allowing them to decide on how to increase the efficient and effective use of their money during all three phases of life – Accumulation, Distribution, and Preservation.

Many of the clients we meet will initially face similar challenges.  They have made financial decisions one at a time, at different times, with different people, under a different set of circumstances.  Making decisions in this manner often leads to lost opportunities since everything is uncoordinated, unorganized and inefficient.

By educating our clients on the rules of money and reviewing strategies and solutions to improve their financial picture, our clients are in a much better position to reach their goals and objectives.  These strategies help our clients to maximize their financial potential so that they can spend and enjoy their wealth at maximum levels in retirement and still pass on 100%.

Whatever your needs and challenges are today, Centra is committed to building a relationship with you and presenting solutions that help you achieve your financial objectives.